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I've met someone.

I've met someone who is the most incredible guy. Of course, I'm still waiting to find out some major flaw that makes up for his supposed perfection. We have this absolutely amazing chemistry and it's just refreshing to talk to him and know that he's on damn near the same wavelength as me. So here's the thing. We're going out Friday night. First date. I know, how cute. Things are already very sexually charged between us. It's been like that from the beginning. He knows I'm not looking for a hook up and he says he's not either. But, at the same time, I'm absolutely horrible at turning down what is probably amazing sex. I do like this guy, and I don't want to make an incredibly stupid move such as fuck him now and tell him later. He's going to be the first one that I'd have contemplated sleeping with since I got diagnosed with HSV. I'm scared to death to tell him because I'm afraid that's going to scare him away. At the same time, I don't think it will though. He seems like he's genuinely interested in pursuing a relationship, so if he is, a small detail like that shouldn't get in the way. Right? I just need to not sleep with him Friday which means very little drinking on my part. I'm on anti-depressants, and holy hell, alcohol hits you so much faster on those. I discovered that last weekend. I had been warned about it before, but I forgot and drank like I normally do. Whoops! I was falling all over myself. I wound up making out with this guy I barely know, but luckily I had a sober friend there who watched my back and got me out of there before anything stupid happened. Basically, back to the new guy, I need moral support at the moment. Share your experiences with telling new love interests about having HSV. I don't want to get in the heat of the moment and "forget" about it. That would be the worst possible situation. I will tell him. I'm just not sure how to approach the subject. Any suggestions? And on other topics, I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday. And it actually went rather well. I'm a bit sore and swollen today and I can only eat soft foods which greatly limits my diet. I did get to eat some spaghetti tonight which was such a nice change from applesauce, lipton noodle soup, and pudding. Although I did just fix some chocolate pudding. But it's chocolate. How can you not love it? I went under general anesthesia for the surgery, and holy crap, that was the best nap of my life. It took them maybe 45 minutes and due to the oxygen I slept so well. I woke up all refreshed and in a relatively good mood. Of course, I woke up crying a bit though because I was all confused about where I was and what was going on. I think I fell asleep hearing voices and I woke up thinking I was still hearing them but there was only one person in the office at that point. I was so confused! I did stop bleeding almost immediately which was good. And hopefully, since I have to quit smoking for a week due to this, I can quit for good. I do love my cigs tho. Hm. If Memphis doesn't screw me over, I'll be good. Also completely random question.... Does anyone have any experiences with you or a friend obtaining a fake ID? I'm just curious. Message me if you rather not leave a comment about it. But with that, I'm going to go. This is a rather long entry for me. Haha. Don't get too used to it, though. Lata guys.


I usually bring it up along the lines of...ever had a cold sore? Then go on to tell them that I have it genitally etc etc. Make sure you keep it light and relaxed. If you make it sound like it's the skin condition that it is, you'll get a better reaction than acting like you have some hideous STD.

I have HSV1 genitally so it's something that most people can relate to. I haven't been turned down yet and oddly enough I've had more sex since I was diagnosed than I did before.

As for the fake ID. I have a friend who used a friends ID. They didn't really look alike at all, but she used it a whole bunch of times without a problem. You dyed your hair/started wearing contacts/are wearing really tall heels...I've never used one myself but you can think of the excuses :-)

Good luck with the boy and hope you're not too puffy from the dentist!