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It's over! [Almost]

No more numbing cream, no more screaming when I pee. Ohhh I'm so excited. The breakout is almost officially over. It still hurts like hell to take a shit [which I'm suuuure you wanted to know] but other than a few minutes afterwords, I'm fine. It's not completely gone yet, but it's enough. I'm no longer in discomfort 24/7 which is amazing. Friday and Saturday tho were absolute hell. But if they say that the first outbreak is the worst, I can definitely deal with the rest.

On other topics, I locked my keys in my car tonight. I got home, and I threw them in my pocket but by the time I had gotten out and shut the door, my keys were on the seat. Locked. In my car. I'm a dumb ass, yes. I admit it. It's the third time in a very short while that I've done that.

I did go out for coffee tonight to get some work done. I'm in the process of writing a paper, preparing for finals, and doing a semester's worth of math work. Tonight and tomorrow will be consumed with taking quizzes online, and Wednesday I'll be taking tests all day. Fun fun. It's only 5 tests, but they take an hour. Not good. The highest grade I can get in that lass is 90% because a 10% penalty is assessed if nothing is on time, and well, nothing is on time. Yay go me.

Alright, I'm off to get work done and enjoy sitting in my chair without constantly having to adjust because too much pressure is in one certain area or another. Y'all have a great night!